Joint Expert Group on Dynamic Modeling

The Joint Expert Group on Dynamic Modeling is a discussion forum of experts in which the dynamic modelling work conducted within the Air Convention has been critically reviewed, formed, and used for assessing the effects of air pollution on ecosystems and determination of critical loads.

Since 2000, the JEG DM has provided expert opinion on the formulation of each Call for Data issued by the Co-ordination Centre for Effects (CCE) of the ICP Modelling & Mapping and on outcomes of the response to the call.

The JEG DM has been the driving force behind the development of new concepts such as target loads and has supported development of methodologies to calculate target/critical loads based on the objective of no net loss of biodiversity.

Work by the JEG DM has facilitated co-operation among ICPs and has also identified the needs for monitoring data to address gaps in model development, which have been communicated to the WGE on a regular basis.