WGE/EMEP EB meeting in Paris 

Dear Colleagues,

Given the restrictions on travel and large gatherings resulting from the corona virus (COVID-19) crisis, we had to take the decision to cancel the WGE/EMEP extended bureau joint meeting that was supposed to be held in Paris (24-26 March 2020). It was very difficult to envisage postponement of the meeting and we have very important things to discuss, so we have decided to set-up a “virtual” web-meeting. To support and facilitate our work, CDM colleagues kindly offered to restructure the WGE web pages a bit to open a space dedicated to the joint meeting.

You will find here the updated and simplified agenda (3 half-days session now), instructions to connect to the Web conference system and to participate to the meeting, and the presentations.  Therefore we thank you to send your presentations to Filip Moldan (filip.moldan@ivl.se) with cc to us, Isáura (isaura.rabago@ciemat.es) & Laurence (Laurence.ROUIL@ineris.fr) as soon as possible.

We are confident that together, we will manage to have a fruitful and efficient meeting, certainly a bit challenging, but if we manage, we will certainly learn a lot!

Many thanks in advance for your contribution to this meeting and we look forward to virtually meeting you on tuesday the 24th to thursday 26th of March and take care!

All the best, Isáura & Laurence