WGE/EMEP Extended Bureau meeting 2021

Dear colleagues,

The 2021 EMEP-SB and WGE extended Bureaux meeting will be held on line, from 1-4 March, with daily sessions from 14:00-18:00 (CET)

On Monday (1st March) we will discuss WGE issues: Reports by ICPs/TFs (current and future workplans), and financial and budgetary matters. There will be also sometime to discuss the ecosystems monitoring networks under the WGE.

On Tuesday, we will move to EMEP/WGE common issues addressing the Review of the Gothenburg Protocol. Discussions will be focus on how to answer the questions in Annex I from the document: http://staging2.unece.org.net4all.ch/fileadmin/DAM/env/documents/2020/AIR/EB/ECE_EB.AIR_2020_3-2012770E.pdf.

On Wednesday, we will continue with common issues, and mainly focusing on the update of the EMEP and WGE scientific strategy and the preparation of the 7th joint session (thematic sessions, reports, joint report, 2022-2023 workplan, minutes …).

On Thursday the session will address EMEP specific issues: Progress in the 2020-2021 work plan, a general discussion on the “Condensable issue” and  Budget and financial issues for EMEP.

You will find here the agenda, practical information to connect to the Web conference system and to participate to the meeting, and the presentations. Therefore we thank you to send your presentations to Filip Moldan (filip.moldan@ivl.se) and Sara Jutterstrom (sara.jutterstrom@ivl.se) with cc to us, Laurence (laurence.ROUIL@ineris.fr) & Isaura (isaura.rabago@ciemat.es) as soon as possible.

Many thanks in advance for your contribution to this meeting and we look forward to virtually meeting you from 1-4 March.

All the best,

Laurence & Isaura